Automatic Numbers & Bullets in QuarkXPresss

Gluon’s ProBullets & Numbers is an XTension for QuarkXPress 6/7/8 that adds a feature that’s common in word processors: automatic bullets, numbers and indents.

You select multiple paragraphs of text on a QuarkXPress page, then choose among bullets, various numbering schemes, and whether to indent or not. Bullets don’t even have to be bullets: they can be any character from any font. Bullets and numbers can be bold or not, and styled with any existing Character style. Different levels of indent can have different numbering schemes and you can set the amount of indent — in other words, you have control over just about all the formatting.

If you change your mind, all bullets & numbers can be removed with one click. Unfortunately, the numbers don’t change if you edit the list, so you have to reapply the formatting after any changes.

Find out more about this $59 XTension at Gluon’s website.