QuarkXPress 8 Training Videos

QuarkAlliance partners have rolled out training videos to ensure that you are getting the most out of QuarkXPress 8 features, enhancements, and production tricks.

Talented Pixie. Subscribe and watch any or all of their fantastic, creative e-learning videos online, or buy DVDs. These easy-to-use e-learning training videos and DVDs are designed to get you up and running quickly. Videos average 14 tutorials on each DVD and you can choose from QuarkXPress 8 Level 1, Level 2, and Interactive Layouts. (As of October 2010, Talented Pixie is no longer a QuarkAlliance partner.)

Video Training Company. Join the VTC Online University and for just $30 per month you can choose from over 81,350 narrated tutorials. Among their offerings, you’ll find the QuarkXPress 8 series; 90+ videos and more than 7 hours authored and narrated by Cyndie Shaffstall, director of Quark’s partner program, QuarkAlliance. This video series is also available on CD for just $99.

Mediaroots. This QuarkXPress 8 training video, like all Mediaroots’ productions, is presented by a knowledgeable software trainer and feature real-life exercises. Complex topics are taught in an understandable, concise and engaging way, with a relaxed, enjoyable style. Mediaroots training titles are unique because they allow you to not only learn theoretically, but to demonstrate your skills practically.

Lynda.com. In QuarkXPress 8 Essential Training, Jay Nelson covers all the tools and features from basic page layout to Flash integration and web-page creation. Throughout this comprehensive training, Jay shows what’s needed to produce professional-quality projects that integrate text, pictures, graphics, and tables. He also offers real-world page-layout techniques that designers can apply to their own projects. Exercise files accompany the course.

For great how-to articles, turn to X-Ray Magazine online. In QuarkXPress 8: a suite response, you’ll get a first look at the new features and information about features from earlier versions that have been affected, modified, simplified, or removed. Nearly every feature of QuarkXPress 8 has been designed with streamlining in mind. Fewer clicks, fewer menu trips, and fewer keystrokes.