Quark Launches YourOwnDesigner.com for Designers

Quark’s YourOwnDesigner.com is a free online database of graphic designers and agencies. Visitors can search based on type, location, style and specialty to find a designer that’s right for them. As Quark mentions: “It’s NOT AN AGENCY or a recruitment service and does not charge anyone for using the directory or the designer or agency for being listed in the directory.”

Below are some details from Quark.


Being listed is easy — and did we say FREE!

  1. Register and create a free account on ilovedesign.com (if you already have an ilovedesign.com account, simply login and go to the new page in your “my account”
  2. Within your ilovedesign.com account upload your design portfolio that you want potential clients to see (you need to upload a minimum of 3 projects)
  3. Opt-in to the YourOwnDesigner.com directory on the new page in your ilovedesign.com account and complete any additional fields necessary
  4. Sit back and wait for the work to roll in!


What is ilovedesign.com? ilovedesign.com is a free online design community where you can get access to exclusive video interviews, browse the constantly evolving design gallery, and enter your best work into competitions with the chance to win some great prizes!

Will my portfolio still be on ilovedesign.com? Yes, your portfolio will continue to show up on ilovedesign.com. YourOwnDesigner.com will take the 5 most popular projects that you have uploaded onto ilovedesign.com and show these projects in your directory listing on YouOwnDesign.com. Note that you will not show up in the directory unless you have at least three projects uploaded on ilovedesign.com.

I already have an online portfolio. Why should I sign up? YourOwnDesign.com will put you in front of thousands of small businesses around the world looking for designers or agencies.

Does it cost anything? There is no charge for being listed in the directory or having an account on ilovedesign.com – every designer and agency can have a free listing.

So what’s the catch? No catch. Both ilovedesign.com and YourOwnDesigner.com are free services provided by Quark to help the design and small to mid-sized business communities.