A New Year’s Resolution

As I look forward to 2010, I’m thinking about things I can do to make me more effective — and profitable. For those of us who are veteran QuarkXPress users, one thing that really should be on the list is to learn its new features.

For me, that means picking up the three tricks for using the intuitive new Pen tool in QuarkXPress 8. And using the new Find/Change Item Attributes feature.

I resolve to begin dragging and dropping picture files onto my pages from the desktop and from Adobe Bridge. And to keep my picures in native Photoshop format!

  • I will import native Adobe Illustrator files.
  • I will create a simple Flash animation from my existing QuarkXPress content.
  • The Guide Manager will help me set up grids across multiple pages.
  • I will revise how I update Style Sheets: I will remember to update a Style from text I’ve formatted on the page… ditto for Item Styles.
  • I will remember to use keyboard shortcuts to select my favorite tools. (And use the Esc key to deselect items!)
  • I will Option-drag items to duplicate them.
  • I will use the visual thumbnails at the bottom of the window to navigate among pages.
  • I will explore the advanced OpenType features in my OpenType Pro fonts.
  • I will create Palette Sets to arrange my palettes for optimal use when working on long documents vs. design-intensive shorter documents.
  • I will preview how my colors will print, by choosing View> Proof Output.
  • I will create a Table.
  • I will use multiple windows to view my document.

And I will review the training materials available for learning the new features — starting with my own! ;-)

(I hope you’ll have a look at my training videos for QuarkXPress 7 and 8 at Lynda.com and in the box with QuarkXPress 7.)