A Shorter Printer List in QuarkXPress

In QuarkXPress, if you commonly print to two or more PostScript printers, the long list of PPDs in the Print dialog gets in the way. You can simplify the list by “hiding” the printer descriptions (PPDs) for printers you never use: go to Utilities> PPD Manager and deselect them. (Useless trivia: before Acrobat became popular, Printer Description Files used the file suffix .pdf. Adobe later co-opted that suffix for Portable Document Format.)

Also, note the “Use Auxiliary Folder” checkbox. If you enable it, Quark will look at that folder instead of its own. I find it useful because then I don’t have to uncheck all the dozens (hundreds?) of printers in the PPD Manager. Instead, I can place copies of the PPDs I want to use into that folder and only those printers will appear in the Print dialog.