More Options to Create Math Equations

I mentioned Quark’s new, free XTension for creating mathematical equations: XPressMath.

But now I’d like to point out two other professional options for creating mathematical equations and notations. Both include dozens of fonts, hundreds of symbols, and many templates needed to produce professional equations. You can create equations by clicking on objects in a palette, or by using keyboard commands. They can export the equations for use in any application, including QuarkXPress:

Design Science’s MathType 6 ($97) is the full-featured, professional version of the Equation Editor in Microsoft Word. Uniquely, you can copy thousands of free equations from Wikipedia, and copy equations from TeX or LaTeX into MathType. MathType exports in GIF, EPS, TeX, MathML, WMF and PICT formats.

InfoLogic’s MathMagic 6 ($69) has an interface similar to the Equation Editor in Microsoft Word. MathMagic exports to EPS, GIF, JPEG, PICT, TeX, and PDF formats. MathMagic is also available as a plug-in for InDesign or XTension for QuarkXPress, with prices ranging from $200 to $695. For short-term projects, a one-month license is available for $15, or a 6-month license for $45.

If you spend much time creating equations, one of these three options is likely to fit your needs.