Another FREE XTension from Quark: XPressMath creates professional mathematical equations

Quark has released a FREE XTension for QuarkXPress 8 that lets you typeset complex mathematical formulas and equations directly in QuarkXPress. In addition to providing a relatively simple interface for building the equations, you can edit existing equations in a WYSIWYG window. You can also use a style-sheet-like system to ensure that all equations in a project share a similar appearance.

Here is Quark’s list of the features in XPressMath:

  • Associate characters with procedures (such as Sigma with summation)
  • Typeset horizontal and vertical placement
  • Insert fixed integrals, radicals, and summations
  • Customise space around mathematical structures
  • Import and export ASCII text for offline keyboarding
  • Edit in WYSIWYG view to easily format previously created mathematic equations and structures
  • Perform advanced formatting in the Equation Builder window
  • Export an equation in JPEG format (replaces PICT [Mac] and BMP [Windows] export)
  • Support Unicode
  • Access four additional pi character levels

XPressMath formerly cost $259 for earlier versions of QuarkXPress, but now it’s free!