Output Raster Images of QuarkXPress Pages

Quark has a free new XTension that gives you an easy way to export entire pages in raster image formats. The Image Exporter XTension for QuarkXPress 8.1 adds a new item to the File> Export submenu: “Export Pages as Images”.

You choose a scaling percentage, resolution, format (PNG or JPEG), a compression level (for JPEG), Pages or Spreads, and whether to include Guides or Text Grids in the picture.

The XTension also adds a new option during Collect for Output: a 72dpi snapshot of each page. This is tremendously helpful for proofing by your output service provider.

You can download the Image Exporter XTension, and several other innovative XTensions at the “Quark Labswww.labs.quark.com section of Quark’s website.