At last! Convert Illustrator or Photoshop Shapes to Native QuarkXPress Items!

This is great news! Now there’s an easy way to bring a shape (path) from Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop into QuarkXPress as a native QuarkXPress item! Quark’s new Print Selection XT has a hidden feature that lets you convert an embedded clipping path into an editable Bézier box within QuarkXPress.

Here’s how it works:

  • Copy the path from Illustrator
  • Paste it into Photoshop
  • Save the Photoshop file
  • Import the Photoshop file into a QuarkXPress picture box (or just drag it onto a QuarkXPress page)
  • In QuarkXPress, select the picture box and choose Item> New Box From Clipping Path

You can then edit the new Bézier box however you like! Change its shape. Stroke it with a Frame. Fill it with a picture or text. Fill it with a gradient. Add a drop shadow.

This is also an incredibly handy way to get the built-in shapes from Photoshop into QuarkXPress:

If you want to get that shape back into Illustrator, you could export your new QuarkXPress box to EPS format using the File> Print Selection menu item added by the Print Selection XT, then open the EPS file in Illustrator.

You can download the Print Selection XT XTension, and several other innovative XTensions at the “Quark Labs” section of Quark’s website.

(Note to longtime QuarkXPress users: this feature was included in the XPert Box Tools XTension, which was not updated for QuarkXPress 8.)