Safely Export Pictures from QuarkXPress

Adjustments applied in QuarkXPress’s Picture Effects palette (Window> Show Picture Effects) exist as part of the QuarkXPress project file — they do not change the original source pictures.

If you want to update the original picture files themselves with the effects, choose File> Save Picture and select either Selected Picture or All Pictures in Layout.

This is incredibly handy for providing your cropped, rotated, or altered pictures to a Web developer. It’s also handy for simply converting a picture from one file format or color space to another:

When you export the pictures, you may want to enable the Link Layout to New Picture option in the Picture Export Options window, but leave the Overwrite Original Picture option disabled, to preserve your originals.

Also, for ease in future editing, increase the Picture Box Bleed value, since otherwise the image data is cropped to the edges of the picture box.