Inline Graphics Made Easy

I was speaking at the Newspaper Institute of Technology recently, and a QuarkXPress user asked me if there was any way to make a picture flow along with the text that belongs with it. Her project was a directory, with pictures of people at the beginning of their description.

The answer of course is YES! And the process is almost too obvious and simple: just Cut or Copy the picture box and Paste it into the text flow wherever you want it to appear. (Edit> Cut or Edit> Copy, then Edit> Paste)

If you want to control the distance between the text and the picture box, there are two ways:

  1. 1. Apply a Text Runaround: use the Item tool to select the picture box, then adjust its runaround in the Measurements Palette (in QuarkXPress 7 and higher), or in the Item> Modify dialog box

  1. Drag the edge of the picture box to make the box larger. The text will move over to accommodate the new size of the picture box.