How to Regenerate Default Palette Set in QuarkXPress

Palette Sets, introduced in QuarkXPress 7, let you save any arrangement of palettes as a set, so you can easily get back to that arrangement by simply selecting it from the Window menu (Window> Palette Sets). You may want to create a set for text-intensive documents, or perhaps one that includes all the palettes you normally use for an ongoing project or client.

Inexplicably, Quark does not include a Default Set, nor a way to get back to the original palette arrangement without deleting ALL your preferences. If you REALLY need to get back to the default palette setup, try this:

  • Find QuarkXPress’s Preferences folder and move it to your desktop. You’ll find the Preferences folder either inside the QuarkXPress application folder or in your [username]/Library/Preferences/Quark folder. If you have both, the one in the application folder is the live one, and you may as well remove the one from your Library folder.
  • Launch QuarkXPress
  • Create the Default Set as described above
  • Quit QuarkXPress
  • Drag the new Default Set out of the Palette Sets folder inside the new Preferences folder that QuarkXPress just created for you.
  • Replace the new Preferences folder with the older one you saved elsewhere.
  • Drag the Default Set file into the Palette Sets folder in the old Preferences folder.