Quark and Microsoft Team Up for Universal Publishing Solution

For many years, Quark has been at the forefront of cross-media, multilingual publishing. (Translation: you write and design one time, then publish to many output channels and languages.)

The latest expansion of their dominance in this market involves a collaboration with Microsoft. Why? Because Microsoft pretty much owns the “content creation” market with their Office suite and server products. I’m guessing that Quark figured out that if they let people use Microsoft Word to create text and then combine that text with pictures as “stories” they could suck those stories into the Quark Dynamic Publishing Solution (DPS) for basically automated output to various media.

Imagine having your writers and editors control the content, while your designers (and Quark DPS) created the formatting for output to printed and online publications, mobile devices, and Flash. The efficiency and turnaround increases would be enormous!

That seems to be what the press release below describes. Have a look, or download the brochure and info sheets here.
Press release
At IFRAExpo this year, Microsoft and Quark are demonstrating a new solution that helps publishers stay competitive in today’s multi-channel media environment. The solution combines editorial collaboration and dynamic publishing to streamline editorial workflows and enable single-source multi-channel publishing.

Built on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, the Microsoft Unified Communications platform, Quark® Dynamic Publishing Solution™ (Quark DPS) and Quark® XML Author™, the solution consolidates communication processes, facilitates collaboration, and streamlines workflows to improve the efficiency of the creative and editorial process and help publishers be first out with stories either in print or digitally.

With the new integrated solution, Microsoft and Quark combine easy XML authoring, professional design, and dynamic publishing from Quark with the collaboration and unified communications platform of the Microsoft Office System. Journalists, editors, resource managers, graphic designers, and layout designers all benefit throughout the publishing process from the ability to:

  • View incoming RSS feeds
  • Share story ideas
  • Track events and plan coverage
  • Request, find, and allocate suitable resources
  • Search related content and subject matter experts
  • Author content in XML that is suitable for multi-channel publishing
  • Effectively track review and approval workflows
  • Communicate effectively using presence status indication, instant messaging, voice of IP, e-mail, audio and video conferencing
  • Incorporate professionally designed output for a variety of channels

“Newspaper and magazine publishers face the challenge of reaching readers through multiple media channels that require a variety of file formats. The manual re-creation of content that many publishers use today limits productivity and their ability to seize new market opportunities,” said Terry Welty, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Quark. “Quark’s integrated editorial solution with Microsoft allows content creators to adopt a story-centric work style; focusing on the story rather than the output channel.”

“With the increased diversity of media, and distribution channels, journalists, editors and publishers want to create relevant content suitable for different formats and audiences,” said Rainer Kellerhals, Global Media & Entertainment Solutions Lead for Microsoft’s Communications Sector. “Quark is helping these professionals become more productive, get news out quickly, and reach audiences across print and digital media formats, with flexibility and a much lower cost compared to traditional print publishing solutions.”

Visit www.dynamicpublishing.quark.com/Microsoft for more information about the new editorial software debuting today.

Core Components

Below is a brief description of the core components of Quark and Microsoft’s editorial and dynamic publishing solution for newspaper and magazine publishers.

Microsoft Unified Communications: Encompassing Office Communications Server, Exchange Server, Office Communicator, and Office Outlook, the Microsoft Unified Communications platform helps end users be more productive by enabling communication and collaboration with others in different locations or time zones using a range of options, including instant messaging, voice, e-mail, presence, desktop sharing and video conferencing. Integration with programs across the Microsoft Office system provides many different ways to communicate directly within the context of their task.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server is an integrated suite of server capabilities that can help improve organizational effectiveness by providing comprehensive content management and enterprise search, accelerating shared business processes, and facilitating information-sharing across boundaries for better business insight. The solution will support the upcoming release of SharePoint Server 2010 when available.

Quark XML Author: Quark XML Author is the next generation of XML authoring tools. It is an add-in to Microsoft® Word that lets anyone easily create XML documents with no knowledge of XML and little or no training.

Quark Dynamic Publishing Solution: Quark Dynamic Publishing Solution (Quark DPS) is publishing software that combines flexible layout with automated publishing to deliver accurate, relevant, and attractive communications across multiple types of media, including print, the Web, and mobile and electronic devices. By automating the publishing process, Quark DPS eliminates dependencies on hand-crafting and cut and paste techniques, which improves productivity and reduces costs.