Make Your EPS Graphics Editable in QuarkXPress

Here’s a $30 solution to a longstanding request from many QuarkXPress users: to be able to import and edit EPS line art directly on the QuarkXPress page. The trick is to add the EPS drawing to a font, and then “type” that glyph into QuarkXPress. Then, use QuarkXPress’s built-in text-to-outline conversion feature to turn it into a native QuarkXPress item and edit at will! (Item> Convert Text to Boxes)

The key is FontLab’s SigMaker 3. This $30 utility will easily convert any line art into a new font, or add it to an existing font. Use it to change a logo, signature, or other graphic item into a character in a font. Even if you don’t wind up converting the line art to an outline in QuarkXPress, you’ll no longer have to import or place that graphic into a page layout document when you want it. Just select the font and press a keystroke!