Import .doc and .odt Files into QuarkXPress

The new DOCX ImportXT and ODT ImportXT are XTensions for QuarkXPress 8 that let you import native .docx or .odt documents directly into QuarkXPress 8. The .docx file format is the native format for Microsoft Office 2007 and later, while the .odt format is the native format of the Writer component of the OpenOffice suite of applications.

Options at import include:

  • Import with Styles (including Style Sheets)
  • Import only three primary attributes: Bold, Italic and Superscript and then easily apply your own QuarkXPress styles on the imported text. Text is imported into Normal Style Sheet, and only these three attributes are imported as a style exception
  • Import text without any attributes

Noteworthy: They also import footnotes as endnotes, and tables as tab-separated text.

The XTensions are available for $141 each or $241 for both at ThePowerXChange.