Upgrade to Snow Leopard: Spin the Big Wheel of Fortune!

The upgrade to Mac OS X 10.6 (or 10.6.1) seems to be working well for many creatives, but disastrously for others. Some are experiencing an inability to save or print files, applications of all kinds are crashing, printer options are missing, the Adobe PDF Printer utility is broken (see our post here), everything on your display looks darker, Wacom’s Cintiq displays look blurry, and more.

QuarkXPress users are hit especially hard: Apple changed the way Mac OS handles PostScript fonts, so any existing documents that use PostScript fonts will have text problems when opened under Snow Leopard. Quark is working on a fix, but it hasn’t arrived yet. See this post for details.

Fortunately, application developers are updating their current products at warp speed. “Current” is key; older versions probably won’t be updated. See this post for details on QuarkXPress 7 and Snow Leopard. Therefore, it is essential that you are using the latest versions of all your tools.

There are many websites with stories about these issues and updates. The Mac Observer website has a good collection of stories at www.tinyurl.com/nc5b4k, and www.macintouch.com has a list of compatible applications, an FAQ, and a user discussion.