Much Easier Logo Tracing

Free Soft’s Silhouette is a powerful tool for quickly converting scanned art to clean, vector-based artwork. Tremendously valuable for converting logos into editable artwork, Silhouette squares up lines and corners, ensures that parallel lines are indeed parallel, and straightens crooked scans.

It sharpens corners, smoothes tangents, and converts “flat curves” into straight lines. Silhouette finds and removes unnecessary points, and provides efficient tools for fixing paths. In colored art, you can select paths by color for extraction and use.

It can batch-vectorize the content of an entire folder at once, and import many formats including QuickTime, GIF, JPEG, BMP, TGA and TIFF. It can also export in Flash format.

Silhouette is available as either a standalone application or as a plug-in for Illustrator. You can watch it in action at their website in an impressive QuickTime movie. Price ranges from €199 to €249.