Quark Releases Version 8.1 of Quark Dynamic Publishing Solution (DPS), Quark Publishing System (QPS), QuarkCopyDesk, and QuarkXPress Server

Along with the release of QuarkXPress 8.1, Quark has released version 8.1 of Quark Dynamic Publishing Solution (DPS), Quark Publishing System (QPS), QuarkCopyDesk, and QuarkXPress Server. Besides the improvements in QuarkXPress 8.1, the main improvement to these publishing system components is the automatic creation of dynamic Flash output.

QuarkXPress Server 8.1 also includes many new features requested by customers, including:

  • Dynamic Layout: With QuarkXPress Server, users can define text and picture boxes to dynamically adjust to fit to the content. Users can also easily define the size and location of boxes to dynamically position content relative to other content in the layout. It is useful for documents whose content varies in length.
  • Native Transparency PDF Generation: Native Transparency mode allows objects to which transparency has been applied within QuarkXPress to remain unflattened in the final PDF output.
  • Layers in PDF: QuarkXPress Server is now the only publishing server that gives layer-by-layer control of its output. Users can specify which individual QuarkXPress layers to embed or suppress in a PDF and preserve them as layers within the PDF. With this capability, printers receive a single PDF file from their clients and can print multiple versions of the document from the file.

New features in Quark Publishing System (QPS) 8.1 include:

  • New Search Capabilities: QPS Web Hub now provides more powerful searches including nested searches and “ask searches.” An ask search can ask for user input at the time of the search.

Workflow Enhancements for QPS Web Hub include:

  • Check-in, check-out, and edit files such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and more
  • Create QuarkCopyDesk articles from templates
  • View, insert, edit, and delete comments within a QuarkCopyDesk article
  • View a Flash version of a QuarkXPress interactive layout
  • Work in any certified browser, including Internet Explorer 8, Google Chrome, Firefox 3, and Safari