Instant PDF Free with QuarkXPress 8

You can look at this offer in one of two ways: either you buy Instant PDF for $299 and get a free upgrade to QuarkXPress 8, or you buy an upgrade to QuarkXPress 8 for $299 and get a free copy of Instant PDF. (You can also buy a full copy of QuarkXPress for $799 and get a free copy of Instant PDF — a $299 value.)

All kidding aside, this is a great bargain. Not only can you upgrade any copy of QuarkXPress from version 3 onward to QuarkXPress 8 for just $299, you also get a truly valuable utility that gives you the easiest and most foolproof way to ensure that your PDF files will comply with your print or advertisement vendors’ specifications.

Using Instant PDF couldn’t be simpler — you simply select “Save as Certified PDF…” from the File menu in QuarkXPress. Instant PDF will then take care of creating your PDF, preflighting it, modifying it where necessary, and even sending it to your print provider.

To order or for more information, visit the The PowerXChange website or call on 877-940-0600. This is valid worldwide, for electronic delivery.

Not sure whether to upgrade? Find out exactly what Quark added to each version of QuarkXPress in the comparison table at It shows which features have been added over the years and also highlights the leading features from QuarkXPress 3 to QuarkXPress 8.