QuarkXPress 8.1 Now Shows Faux Bold & Italic

One welcome addition to QuarkXPress 8.1 is the display of warning badges when a user had applied a bold or italic style to a font that does not have a bold or italic variant.

In other words, if you apply a Bold or Italic style to a font that doesn’t actually have a Bold or Italic version,  you’ll see a yellow warning triangle next to the style. It doesn’t matter how you applied Bold or Italic: either by clicking the Bold or Italic buttons in the Measurements palette, or by choosing it from the Style menu, or by pressing the keyboard shortcuts (Command/Ctrl-Shift-B or Command/Ctrl-Shift-I).

The warning appears everywhere you can see the style:

  • The Style > Type Style submenu
  • The Fonts pane of the Usage dialog box (Utilities> Usage)
  • The Replace Font dialog box in the Usage dialog box (Utilities> Usage)
  • The Measurements palette
  • The Glyphs palette
  • The Character Attributes dialog box
  • The Edit Character Style Sheet dialog box
  • The Change To area of the Find/Change palette

This is a welcome change — in my opinion, a change that’s long overdue.

As an aside, there ARE reasons for QuarkXPress to allow users to apply Bold and Italic to fonts without those variants. Non-professional users (organizations with newsletters, educators, etc.) are sometimes required to use a font that doesn’t have a Bold or Italic version. Those users have requested this ability, because in their world, a thickened or slanted version of the font is far better than having no Bold or Italic options at all.