Find Your Fonts with Smart Folders

Locating all of the font files on your Mac can be a real pain, but Mac OS X makes that job a little easier with Spotlight and Smart Folders.

To make a Smart Folder that lists every font on your Mac, go to the Desktop and choose File> New Smart Folder and then click “This Mac” in the search bar.

Now enter “kind:truetype OR kind:outline OR kind:suitcase OR kind:opentype” in the search field in the window’s upper right corner. Your new search folder will list all of your fonts, and will auto-update whenever new fonts are copied to your hard drive. If you select one of the files in the Smart Folder, its location will appear at the bottom of the window.

Be sure to give your Smart Folder an appropriate name when you first close it, so you can easily find it again. (Thanks to for this one!)