The Most Advanced Barcode Generator

Most barcode generators use a special font to create the barcode. Soft Horizons’ Chartbot Barcodes is different: it generates a vector EPS file and places it into a placeholder box on your layout in QuarkXPress. The data for the bar code comes from text you place on top of the placeholder box. The data can come from a variable data source, or be simply typed onto the page.

It can generate 1D, 2D and postal barcodes in any combination of colors, in dozens of different variations. Powerful print-friendly features include: ink spread control for 1D linear barcodes, the ability to print or omit text below barcodes, automatic pixel-grid-fitting for low-resolution output, CMYK process colors and spot colors, overprint and rich black, RGB colors and separations.

Any size barcode can be created, and you can automatically adjust the barcode size to match the pixel size of low-resolution output media. Its price is $495.