ColorMunki Now Supports QuarkXPress 8

Pantone’s ColorMunki now lets you create color palettes and import them easily into QuarkXPress 7/8, Adobe’s Creative Suite 3/4, and Corel Painter X.

But what is ColorMunki? I would describe it as a name for a family of software and hardware that lets you profile (calibrate) your displays and work quite creatively with color palettes. The more expensive ColorMunki Design ($499) adds the ability to measure color from any surface, including paper, fabric, and walls.

The less expensive ColorMunki Create and Photo ($149) is limited to measuring color on your display.

Version 1.1 of the software features multiple improvements that are based on feedback from professional users. For example:

  • Optimized Display profiling: ColorMunki now offers the ability to optimize display luminance based on either ambient light measurements or user specified luminance values.
  • User-defined ambient light levels: allows users to see actual ambient light levels, giving detailed luminance value information to make any appropriate changes to the work environment before calibrating.
  • Precise control of display luminance:  target and actual measured luminance values now displayed while adjusting display luminance, ensuring total accuracy of this function.
  • ColorMunki 1.1 also offers the option for automatic video LUT adjustments, for more exacting control over luminance display levels.
  • Optimized display contrast and brightness (backlight) workflow: ColorMunki’s all-new automated contrast-clipping test provides a user-adjusted contrast option for an assured easier and faster workflow.
  • Greater flexibility in display profile naming:  users also have the ability to change the display profile name before saving and applying a new profile, so they can easily identify profiles if they want to change or switch when adjusting for different ambient conditions and color temperatures.
  • Automatically import and export palettes in QuarkXPress 8.