Office Depot Adopts QuarkXPress 8

Quark’s latest press release illustrates the depth of the acceptance of QuarkXPress in Europe: Office Depot will create its full range of marketing materials — including all direct mail and over 700 catalogs — in QuarkXPress 8. My favorite quote from Office Depot is this:

“We publish tens of thousands of pages every year in more than seven different languages,” continued Vigener, “and as QuarkXPress 8 supports more than thirty languages, this enables us to substantially streamline our multiple-language publishing, eliminate many unnecessary costs, and dramatically improve quality and productivity. The new global file format, hyphenation, and spelling capabilities of QuarkXPress 8 mean that we can be sure our team works together seamlessly, and the multiple-language user interface means our designers can work in the language they choose.”

The full release is here, Office Depot to Upgrade to QuarkXPress 8 Across its Entire European Operation