Create a List of Advertisers

If you have a publication that includes ads from advertisers, here’s a great tip for creating a list of those advertisers and the page numbers of their ads, using the List feature:

Label each ad with the name of the advertiser. To do that, create a new text box on top of the ad, and in the Measurements palette set its Runaround to None (so it doesn’t move anything on the page).

Set the box to Suppress Output (in Item> Modify).

Apply the same Style Sheet to the text in all these boxes. Creating an Item Style with these properties may speed the process.

Create a new List based on that Style Sheet. To do that, open the Lists palette (Window> Lists) and create a new List.

Select the Style Sheet you used in the ad label text boxes. Add that Style Sheet to the List by clicking the big arrow.

From the Numbering popup menu, choose Text… Page #. This will add the text to the list.

When you click the Apply button in the Lists palette, your new List will show each advertiser’s name. If you double-click an item in the List, you’ll be taken directly to that item in your Layout.

If you want to see the page number where the ad occurs, you need to “Build” the list in a text box in your Layout. To do that, create a new text box and click the Build button.

In this case, I created a Style Sheet that uses small text, and chose it from the Format As popup menu:

The resulting list shows the ads and their page numbers:

This text box has another use: if you export your Layout in PDF format, and turn on the “Include Lists as Bookmarks” option, the list will be hyperlinked in the PDF so that you can click on an item in the list to be taken to that item in the PDF. It will also build Bookmarks in the PDF that you can click to be taken to any ad! Just open the Bookmarks panel in Acrobat or Adobe Reader to see them.