AppleScript & Automator: Professional Tools for QuarkXPress Users

One reason many professionals use Macs is because Apple’s built-in AppleScript can automate almost any task, in most applications. QuarkXPress has been scriptable almost since the beginning, and the Mac version even includes a handful of helpful scripts — just look under the script-shaped menu at the far right end of Quark’s menus.

The best book for learning AppleScript is the self-paced AppleScript 1–2–3, by Sal Soghoian and Bill Cheeseman. Sal has been Apple’s product manager for AppleScript for more than 10 years. 849 pages, $49.99 from Peachpit.

Apple’s much simpler Automator can be easily mastered by following the Automator Visual QuickStart Guide, by Ben Waldie. Like all Visual QuickStart Guides, it’s simple, straightforward, and has plenty of tips. Ben is a true leader in the Automator world. 270 pages, $29.99 from Peachpit.