CMYK 2.0: a Book for All Designers

In CMYK 2.0, Rick McCleary clearly explains and illustrates “a cooperative workflow for photographers, designers, and printers.” It’s the best book I’ve seen for quickly understanding the color reproduction process, from photo to layout to display to desktop print and then off to a printing press. 

Along the way, you’ll learn about RGB color vs CMYK color, how displays work, how printers work, and how presses work. You’ll also learn a time-proven workflow for maintaining and optimizing accurate color from beginning to end. 

Color management is clearly explained — to the degree required by photographers and designers. 

It includes beautiful, inspirational images that prove the success of the process, with clear, concise descriptions of how to achieve them. 

I highly recommend this book for any creative professional who wants to quickly understand these issues. 256 pages, $49.99 from Peachpit Press.