Real Wood Type

To create type that looks like wood, you need real wood type. And that’s what Mark Kusek’s Wood Type Impressions volumes one and two provide ($299 & $329 or $499 for both). 

These extremely high resolution, professional quality scans were made from actual, hand printed, wood type. Each set was printed on an etching press in a series from light to dark ink, onto textured fine art printmaking paper. 

Some sets also include experimental alternates (distressed, scratched, over- or under-inked, spritzed with solvents, allowed to drip or run, etc.). 

Volume one includes eight complete fonts, five partial fonts, several mixed (random) fonts, and printed wood shapes (circles, squares, etc.). Volume two includes 11 complete fonts, four partial fonts, 12 mixed letter groups, seven sets of ornaments, and extras.