Better EPS Previews

Note: This tip is for users of older versions of QuarkXPress. If you’re using version 9 or higher, you’re already getting better EPS previews. (!)


If you’re not happy with the previews of EPS files imported into QuarkXPress, it may be because QuarkXPress uses the preview embedded in the file when displaying an EPS file in a picture box.

You can change QuarkXPress’s preferences so that it generates the previews for you instead: just choose QuarkXPress> Preferences (on Windows: Edit> Preferences), scroll down to the Application section, then the EPS section, and choose “Generate” from the Preview popup menu. This will cause QuarkXPress to generate its own preview for each EPS file you import after that.

Existing picture boxes won’t be affected, but you can tell QuarkXPress to regenerate the preview for each EPS picture box. Just select the picture box, invoke its contextual menu by either Control-clicking on it or right-clicking on it, and then choose Preview Resolution> Full Resolution. Or, you can simply re-import the EPS file and QuarkXPress will generate a new preview for you.