Dude, Where’s My Box Tools?

Quark did a lot of re-thinking when it redesigned the interface for QuarkXPress 8, and for longtime users, the new arrangement of things can be a bit confusing. Recently, I received a complaint that Quark had removed the rounded-corner rectangle tool, as well as all the other “shape” tools that formerly lived under the Picture and Text box tools.

My first reaction to questions like this is “Simma down now…” I don’t remember Quark EVER removing a feature from QuarkXPress.

Here’s the deal: to simplify the Tools palette, Quark re-thought how the tools work together. So, for the “box shapes” they simplified your choices to a rectangle, circle and starburst.

To make a rounded-corner rectangle, you now create a rectangle and then change its corner style in the Measurements palette.

In addition, they removed the requirement that you choose ahead of time whether the box will contain Text or a Picture. That’s why there’s nothing under the Picture Content tool. And it also gave Quark the opportunity to move the Text Box Linking tools to under the Text Content tool — a logical choice, in my opinion.

Try this: create a rectangle box, then look in the Classic tab of the Measurements palette. There, you’ll see a “Box Corner Radius” control. This gives you all the corner shapes you had before: rounded corner, concave, and beveled.