Always Use the Latest Versions

A common complaint I’ve heard from QuarkXPress users is that when they save a newer version back to an older format (for example, version 8 back to version 7 or version 7 back to version 6), their co-workers can’t open the files.

While there may be other causes of this kind of problem, the most common is that the recipient DOESN’T HAVE THE LATEST UPDATE of their version of QuarkXPress. Before looking for other causes, make sure that your recipient is using either QuarkXPress 6.52 or 7.5. While you’re at it, make sure that YOU are using the latest update as well. At this writing, QuarkXPress 8.0.2 is the newest version.

If you think about it, this makes sense — Quark (or Adobe or any other company) issues an update for their older software so that it will understand more of the file information produced by the newer software. Keep this in mind for all your apps and you’ll avoid future mysteries.