Leading Universities and Educational Institutions Upgrade to QuarkXPress 8

Recently, Quark made the announcement below, which underscores the success of QuarkXPress across Europe.

Quark Inc. announced today that the company is seeing growing success in the educational sector with the layout and design software QuarkXPress 8, which was released in August 2008. Swansea Metropolitan University, UK, Akademie der Bildenden Künste (ABK) in Stuttgart, Germany, Graphische Wien, Austria, and Schule für Gestaltung St. Gallen, Switzerland, are some of a range of universities and graphic-design schools that have decided to upgrade to QuarkXPress 8, the newest version of the industry-standard layout and design software, immediately after its release. Educational institutions can benefit from the dedicated solutions that Quark has created especially for the education market.

Swansea Metropolitan University, one of the UK’s leading Universities and a dedicated user of QuarkXPress for many years, has upgraded to QuarkXPress 8 across its entire Faculty of Art and Design. This decision represents its commitment to Quark and its continued confidence in Quark’s ability to provide innovative industry leading software. “Our first impression of QuarkXPress 8 is extremely positive. The modern new interface has made the software more intuitive for new and old users alike. There are several significant new enhancements, in particular the streamlined and pared down Tools palette will have a huge impact on the way students work. Quark is definitely going in the right direction and the improvements made in QuarkXPress 8 demonstrate this,” said Gavin Kirby, Senior Lecturer Art and Design, Swansea Metropolitan University.

“We are really excited about the new education programs and about Quark’s openness and its service-oriented approach with universities,” said Tekle Ghebre from ABK Stuttgart, Germany, which has just upgraded 200 workstations to QuarkXPress 8. ABK Stuttgart is one of Germany’s oldest and largest art schools. With a multitude of degree programs — which include programs in the areas of visual arts, architecture, and design — it is committed to supporting creative abilities and skills. “We consider it very important that our students can learn how to use and apply the leading graphic-design programs. In this respect, QuarkXPress is far ahead.” Tekle Ghebre considers the Flash® functionality, which is built in to QuarkXPress 8 for creating Flash projects, to be an exciting element for students. “I will learn about interactive design using QuarkXPress 8 and then integrate it into my curriculum.”

Another teaching institution that relies on QuarkXPress 8 is Graphische Wien, Austria’s most famous college for printing and media technology, graphic and communication design, and photography. After Graphische upgraded to QuarkXPress 7 this past spring, it made the decision to implement QuarkXPress 8 on 600 workstations. “We looked at QuarkXPress 8 at Drupa in 2008 and were very impressed,” said Karl Bernhard, professor at Graphische, who is responsible for software acquisition. “The improvements made to user ergonomics, new picture content, and native Illustrator® import — as well as outstanding typographic possibilities — truly represent an enhancement to QuarkXPress that will pay off in everyday use.”

Another institution, Schule für Gestaltung St. Gallen, in eastern Switzerland also has decided to upgrade to QuarkXPress 8. According to Karin Schwarz, subject teacher, it is a great concern of school personnel to provide students with an optimal infrastructure that makes available the most modern applications. Schule für Gestaltung St. Gallen is Switzerland’s most important and traditional school of design, providing creative-artistic basic education and further education. The school is touted as a creative competence center, and experts from Switzerland and from abroad guarantee professional training in media design, visual communication, typography, and other subject areas. “We are convinced that the newest typography functions introduced with QuarkXPress 8 as well as the creative possibilities offered by the new tools palette will become very important for our students, providing them with current knowledge in order to compete in today’s job market,” said Schwarz.

Gavin Drake, Marketing Director Quark Europe, said: “When looking for attractive jobs in this fast-moving environment, young designers will have an advantage over other job seekers due to their practical experience in using our newest layout and design software. We want to support them through our engagement in the educational field.”

Quark redesigned its education program in early 2008 in order to ensure that its solutions accurately met the requirements and budgets of the various levels of educational institutions and students and teachers and is soon to launch a new University pack. Students, teachers, and lecturers can purchase individual licenses for QuarkXPress 8 at a cost of 125/£84 (excluding VAT). Schools can fully implement QuarkXPress 8 on an unlimited number of workstations at a cost of 2,575/£1750 (excluding VAT). Universities, technical colleges, and other higher-education institutions can obtain multiple licenses (for a minimum of 2 users) at a cost of only 70 euro/£50(excluding VAT) per workstation. As with the school pack, a complete university pack is soon to be launched. For advice and further information regarding all of its education offers, please send an e-mail message to Quark at ce.education@quark.com.