MarkzTools Now Available for QuarkXPress 8, 7, 6, 5, and 4

Markzware’s MarkzTools 8 is now available for QuarkXPress 8 for Macintosh. This amazing XTension adds the following features to QuarkXPress, and more:

  • Convert any version document down to version 6 or 4.1 — without opening it into QuarkXPress
  • Warn you when you’re about to save a document created by a lower version into a higher version
  • Verify the intergrity of files when saving
  • Verify the integrity of a document without opening it
  • Save files to your computer before saving them to a networked server
  • Salvage corrupted files by extracting text and/or pictures
  • Split QuarkXPress 6 & 7 projects into the separate Layouts contained in them. 
  • Convert all picture previews to gray boxes, to reduce the QuarkXPress document file size for archiving
  • Set a Mac OS color label on every document when you save it

MarkzTools 8 is priced at US$199, with $99 upgrades for users of MarkzTools 6 and 7. If you haven’t yet upgraded to QuarkXPres 8, take heart: Markzware also has versions of MarkzTools for all earlier versions of QuarkXPress.

And for just $100 more, Markzware will add their ID2Q XTension, which lets you open files from InDesign version 1.5 through InDesign CS4 directly into QuarkXPress!