$299 Upgrade to QuarkXPress 8 — from version 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7!

Quark is continuing its longstanding, industry-leading upgrade program, which offers QuarkXPress 8 for $299 to registered users of any version of QuarkXPress — all the way back to version 3.

The upgrade is cross-platform, so even if your older version only runs on Windows or Mac, you can upgrade and use version 8 on either Windows or Mac.

Even if you’ve lost your registration information, Quark makes it easy to upgrade: you can either provide proof of purchase or complete an online “missing serial number” form at http://8.quark.com/quarkupgrade/missingserialnumber.html. Quark maintains a database of serial numbers based on the information provided in the form, and may still be able to locate your record.

If you’re curious about exactly what Quark added to each version of QuarkXPress, check out the comparison table at http://8.quark.com/quarkupgrade/comparequark.html. It shows which features have been added over the years and also highlights the leading features from QuarkXPress 3 to QuarkXPress 8. 

For more information, or to upgrade, visit http://8.quark.com/quarkupgrade/.

And don’t forget: Quark offers a free, fully functional, 60-day Test Drive version at http://8.quark.com/evaluation.html.