Video Tutorial: Synchronized Items

One of the most outrageous and unique new features introduced in QuarkXPress 7 (and continued in QuarkXPress 8) is Shared Content. Imagine being able to have multiple copies of an item, on separate pages, or even in separate Layouts within a Project, and when you change one, all the others change as well.

But this “synchronization” goes farther than that: you can control whether the item’s properties and/or the properties of the item’s content changes. In other words, the color, size, opacity, etc., of a box can be synchronized, while the content can remain free to be different in each box. Or, the content of the box (text or picture) can be synchronized, while the box itself can look quite different in different instances.

Come see what I mean in this 13-minute video tutorial, courtesy of our friends at They were gracious enough to share a selection of chapters from my “QuarkXPress 7 New Features” video training, so I hand-picked several that I thought would be most appealing to new users of QuarkXPress 7 and QuarkXPress 8.

Play Video Tutorial: Synchronized Items

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