Video Tutorial: The Amazing (and overlooked) Glyphs Palette!

Because our friends over at were gracious enough to share a selection of chapters from my “QuarkXPress 7 New Features” video training, I hand-picked several that I thought would be most appealing to new users of QuarkXPress 7 and QuarkXPress 8.

This is the fourth in the series, and it shows how to use the Glyphs palette to explore and use all the characters in all your fonts. You can use it to find alternate characters and swashes, special symbols, and other glyphs that aren’t printed on your keyboard. 

You can also save “Favorite Glyphs” from any combination of fonts, and then instantly use them later on. 

In the video, I show how to do all these things, as well as how to look into OpenType fonts and manage the Glyphs palette itself. Sound interesting? See exactly how to do all these things in this 10-minute video:

PLAY Video: The Amazing (and overlooked) Glyphs Palette!

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