The New MyFonts Website Rocks!

We all want inspiration — especially when it involves typefaces. The new provides plenty of inspiration, from examples of clever uses for fonts, to a newsletter about font designers cleverly named “Creative Characters”.

It also provides an easy way to find fonts by their use (legible, elegant, funny, magazine, retro, etc.), but my favorite improvement is on the type sample pages. If you click on any font, anywhere on the website, you’ll be taken to a page where you can see examples of that font in use, and set your own text in that typeface.

But instead of providing only a few choices for sample text, you can choose among:

  • News headlines
  • Bible verses
  • Shakespeare lines
  • Street addresses
  • RSS news feeds
  • Pangrams in many languages
  • Your own text
  • Font names
  • Letters & numbers
  • Ligatures
  • Punctuation

While you’re exploring, be sure to roll your mouse over anything you find interesting — the website is packed with pop-up windows that illustrate items on the page.

And if that’s not enough, is also the home of WhatTheFont, where you can upload a scanned example of a font you want to identify, and the website will identify it for you! And yes, it really does work.