Flash in InDesign? Well, kinda. Flash in QuarkXPress? Oh yeah!

IT Enquirer  has an in-depth report that confirms my opinion of the Flash capabilities in QuarkXPress 7 and 8 vs. those in InDesign CS4. Here are some highlights from the executive summary:


Indesign CS4 has Flash capabilities. QuarkXPress has had them for many years. The report examines the different approaches taken by both companies to interactive Flash file design and development and provides a detailed comparison of both products, rating them on their Flash support.

The report states that Quark and Adobe take a fundamentally different approach to Flash support. Quark’s philosophy appears to be to enable designers to do as much of the Flash work as possible with their existing tools and without needing to be developers, by integrating Flash design tools directly into QuarkXPress 8.

In contrast, Adobe’s philosophy appear to be to encourage users to do most of the interactive Flash work in a separate application i.e. Adobe Flash.

We have tested and rated both products as to their Flash functionality. We rated the products without judging vendors’ basic philosophy, but solely with respect to what InDesign and QuarkXPress let you do outside of the Flash application. The comparison between the two products shows that QuarkXPress 8 enables layout designers to go further in offering multi-media design without having to learn Flash, while InDesign adds Flash capabilities more as an add-on and not as an extra way for its layout designers to offer services beyond print publication layout.


You can download the full report by registering at the IT Enquirer website.