French Bank Uses Quark Software Nation-wide

I found the following press release to be interesting — companies are using QuarkXPress, Quark Publishing System (QPS) and Quark Reviewer to make it easy for branch offices to produce pro-level collateral from a Web browser!

BNP Paribas’s French Retail Banking Division (BDDF) Opts for Quark Dynamic Publishing Solution

To create customized and localized marketing collateral for its network of agencies in France, the operational marketing department of La Banque de Détail en France* of BNP Paribas is adopting Quark Publishing System and Quark Reviewer to deploy its Web-to-print platform.

Based on Quark Publishing System and Quark Reviewer, this dynamic publishing solution optimizes company workflows and gives BNP Paribas BDDF the opportunity to create highly personalized collateral for all of its branches across the country.

Gildas Duval, sales director Quark Southern Europe, said: “With this agreement, Quark and BNP Paribas are initiating a new collaboration. We are delighted to have been chosen to deliver this Web-to-print service to the operational marketing team of BNP Paribas BDDF. By integrating Quark Publishing System along with our new Web framework, Quark Reviewer, the operational marketing team of BNP Paribas BDDF now has the opportunity to provide customized marketing and sales communication collateral that enables the company to maintain global brand recognition and graphic guidelines.” 

* French Retail Banking

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