Clone Items in QuarkXPress

It’s remarkably easy to make a copy of a page item(s) exactly on top of itself. In QuarkXPress 6 and above, just select the item(s), copy them (Edit> Copy), then choose Paste In Place from the Edit menu, or type Command-Option-Shift-V

This will paste the items in the exact same location as where they were copied from — which is also useful for copying items from page to page.

In QuarkXPress 5 and earlier, go to Item> Step and Repeat…, and enter 1 for the number of steps, and 0 for both offset values. You will create a copy exactly on top of the original(s). 

Even quicker: teach your fingers to type Command-Option-R, 1, tab, 0, tab, 0, Return.

(Windows users: replace Command with Ctrl and replace Option with Alt.)