Badia Duplica XT 4: an Über Eyedropper

Badia Software’s Duplica XT 4 is an XTension for QuarkXPress 4/5/6/7/8 that specializes in copying formats and items from one place to another. It lets you copy and apply formats onto several boxes at once, including character formats, paragraph formats, or box attributes. It also provides seven clipboards from which to save and reuse formatting that you’ve copied.

New to version 4 is the ability to copy a sequence of formatting from a series of paragraphs and apply them to a new series of unformatted text. This one feature can save hours of formatting time when working on a project with a repeating pattern of formatting, such as catalogs, technical books, directories, etc.

Additional features:

  • You can copy text without copying its character formatting
  • You can copy rule attributes and tab settings
  • You can position a box exactly in relation to the baseline of text in another box (great for captions!)
  • You can copy and paste box positions from one page to another
  • You can copy and paste guides between pages
  • You can paste items BEHIND other items instead of in front, and Group them as you paste them.
  • You can copy and paste formatting between documents
  • You can use Duplica from a palette, a contextual menu, or use keyboard shortcuts.

Badia Duplica costs about US$52.