Free Xdata With Purchase of Xcatalog

XChange International has a limited time promotion where if you buy Em Software’s remarkable, time-tested Xcatalog, you’ll also receive Xdata. Both are XTensions for QuarkXPress.

Xcatalog lets you create bi-directional links between a QuarkXPress document and an external database. You can link any picture or text element, from a single character to a phrase or paragraph or entire story. It’s excellent for making sure that you’ve included the absolute latest pictures, text, and prices. 

Xdata brings incredible power to database-publishing tasks. You create a QuarkXPress “template” that defines how you want the information to look, then Xdata imports and automatically formats data you’ve exported from a database or spreadsheet. In addition, Xdata can import specific pictures that are cited in the template and the data file. It can manipulate text from inside individual data fields and create “directory-style” headers and footers on each page or spread.

The price is £480, a savings of £320, and is available for electronic delivery worldwide.