Convert InDesign Files to QuarkXPress with ID2Q

More and more firms are using both InDesign and QuarkXPress, and sometimes need to use QuarkXPress to work with a document created by InDesign. (For example, to use the superior Flash and Web creation tools in QuarkXPress.)

Markzware’s ID2Q  makes this possible. This XTension for QuarkXPress lets you open documents created by any version of InDesign, on either Mac or Windows, in QuarkXPress on Mac or Windows. In other words, platform doesn’t matter.

Of course, any features in InDesign that don’t exist in QuarkXPress will not convert, but most layouts convert without any trouble — just make sure you have all the fonts active and any placed graphics available.

ID2Q costs $199. Version 4 works with QuarkXPress 7 and 8, and opens any document created in InDesign up to version CS4. Earlier versions work with earlier versions of QuarkXPress, and open documents created in earlier versions of InDesign.