Quick Look Filter 2.0 Now Supports QuarkXPress 8

Quark’s free Quick Look filter 2.0 for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard now also supports QuarkXPress 8. I sang my praises of this incredibly useful new tool back in October, Quark’s Quick Look Filter Lets You Preview QuarkXPress Documents in Leopard and continue to recommend it to any QuarkXPress user on Leopard.

In essence, it shows a large preview of any QuarkXPress document, right in the Finder. Just click on any QuarkXPress document, press Command-spacebar, and see a preview of its first page. If you have a folder full of QuarkXPress documents, just press the down arrow key on your keyboard to flip through previews of each one.

Pick up Quark’s free Quick Look filter 2.0 here.

Note to Windows users: Quark also made an extension for Windows Vista that provides previews of QuarkXPress documents. You can get it here.