How to Copy a Color from a Picture in QuarkXPress

Let’s say you’ve imported a TIFF image into a layout, and now you want to create some graphic elements that use some of the dominant colors from the image. The easiest way to do that in QuarkXPress is to use the Picture Effects palette.

The trick is to apply a Picture Effect to the image, but not make any changes to it. That way, the picture is unchanged, but you can use the handy Info area at the bottom of the Picture Effects palette. First, select the picture and open the Picture effects palette (Window> Picture Effects):

Apply any Picture Effect:

Leave all settings as they are, and click OK.

The Picture Effect appears in the palette. Click the disclosure triangle next to “Info” at the bottom of the palette. Now, when you move your mouse over the picture, its RGB and CMYK color values are displayed in the Info area. Use those values to build your new color in QuarkXPress, and apply it to rules, text, frames, and so on.