Freeway Makes Web Pages, with iPhone Support

Yes, Quark’s Web layout space lets you easily create Web pages from existing Quark layouts (or create new ones by using the knowledge you already have about QuarkXPress).

But what if you need a more advanced tool, and can’t “grok” Dreamweaver? The best solution I’ve seen so far is Softpress’s Freeway 5. It uses a very Quark-like interface, so you’ll probably pick it up quickly, but get this: it now includes iPhone Actions to create QuickTime movies at different quality levels, automatic device and network speed detection, and the ability to serve the most appropriate content to each visitor. That’s something Dreamweaver can’t Dream to do (sorry about that!).

The latest version lets you control the initiation of movie content as well as the ability to employ iPhone redirects — the iPhone or iPod Touch user can be redirected to a page that has been designed specifically for them. For more details, the very useful “Building websites for the iPhone with Freeway” document at the Softpress website.

It’s for Mac OS X only, and right now they’ve got a 20% off special in honor of Macworld Expo! Normal pricing: Express $79, Pro $249.