A Unique Hard Drive “Enclosure”

There are a number of USB-to-SATA adapters that let you connect a bare SATA drive to a USB port on your computer. They’re useful for quickly copying a lot of data, or for cloning a hard drive before installing it into a computer. But now NewerTech has made one that goes beyond all that, by not only including USB, FireWire 400, FireWire 800 and eSATA interfaces, but using a form factor that lets you simply drop the bare drive edge-first into a desktop block, much as if it were a cartridge. No cables or plugs to attach to the drive — just slide it in. The fanless, silent Voyager costs $100 and supports both 2.5″ (laptop) and 3.5″ (desktop) hard drives, with a push button to eject the bare drive.

Because of its flexibility and ease of operation, I suggest considering it as a base unit to host a rotating set of backup hard drives, or for photographers and others who back up projects onto hard drives. It’s more cost-effective than buying several external enclosures, and the bare hard drives are smaller to store.