High-Definition Stock Video & Textures

Artbeats has been producing pro-quality background images, surface textures and video clips since the early 1990s. Their latest offering is Abstract Dimensions, a collection of 25 awesome computer-generated shapes, subtle flowing designs and wildly colored warping effects. Each clip is available separately or in the collection, in a range of sizes, and at 4×3 or widescreen aspect ratio. Prices range from $49–$299 for one clip, and $499–$1,099 for the collection of 25.

These clips join Artbeats’ existing 1,500+ clips that include children laughing, waves crashing, orbital Earth views, coastal aerials, winter wilderness, storms, sports balls, growing plants, city aerials, cloud fly-throughs, water drops, melting ice, undersea, and many more. You can preview these impressive clips on their website, which is great fun in itself.

For those of us in the print world, Artbeats still offers the highest quality background textures, including wood, paper, exterior textures, leather, fabric, marble, granite, marbled paper, fire, and more.