Shortcuts for Kerning, Tracking & Leading

Adjusting the space between letters or words goes MUCH faster if you know the keyboard shortcuts. That way, you can look at your text and use your fingers to adjust it! So, cut this out and stick it on your desk:

To adjust kerning (spacing between two letters), or tracking (spacing between a range of letters):
Press Command-Shift-[ to reduce kerning or tracking.
Press Command-Shift-] to increase kerning or tracking. 

To adjust leading:
Press Command-Shift-; to increase leading
Press Command-Shift-‘ to decrease leading

To adjust word spacing:
Hold down all the modifier keys (Shift-Option-Command-Control) and press the [ key (to tighten) or ] (to loosen).

To remove all manual kerning, tracking and word spacing, choose Utilities> Remove Manual Kerning.

Windows users: replace Command with Ctrl and Option with Alt.