Reproduce Old-fashioned Printing with Permanent Press

I love Mister Retro’s Permanent Press. This $99 plug-in for Photoshop makes any piece of digital artwork appear as if it’s been printed using any number of old-fashioned presses. Even a text-only document can look like it was printed with ink on paper.

Amazingly, it can separate colors onto their own plates and let you adjust them individually — even CMYK. The degree of control is astonishing: you can make it appear as if the printing plates were misaligned, ink was too thick or too thin, or it was printed on odd substrates.

You can adjust the size and shape of halftone dots, and even the plate pressure.

But to make it easy for you, they include helpful presets that actually do what their names imply, including: Comic Book, Concert Poster, Letterpress, Matchbook, Newspaper, Pizza Box, Pop Art, Printed in Taiwan, Vintage Advertisement, Vintage Decal, and Wrapper.

Go see their examples — you’ll be impressed.